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NFT Projects usining our verification services on NEAR!

  • Project: Near Dragon

  • Project: NEARNauts

  • Project: BANC

  • Project: Meerkat Kingdom

  • Project: Classy Kangaroos

  • Project: Kokumo Kongz

  • Project: Near Kongz

  • Project: Near Tiger Academy

  • Project: Near NFT Dao

  • Project: The Munky Monkey

  • Project: Metamon

  • Project: Near Street Wolves

  • Project: NAGMI

  • Project: Crypto Ape Gang

  • Project: Clapes

  • Project: NPunks

  • Project: Ape DAO

  • Project: NEAR ~ Collectibles

  • Project: Papu Superstars

  • Project: Mr. Brown

  • Project:

  • Project: Syko Near Bears

  • Project: Degen Lizards

  • Project: YOKAT NEAR VER

  • Project: Kaizo Fighters

  • Project: Meta Antiheroes

  • Project: Nearton

  • Project: NearFox

  • Project: NearX Strarfleet

  • Project: Starry Nights

  • Project: Near Future

  • Project: Cool Dogs Club

  • Project: Billionaire Bulls Club

  • Project: TAYC DAO

  • Project: Nearbiez

Initial Bot Offerings

Check out our automated NFT bot services

Asset Verification Bot

Start building your DAO and assigning roles for member only community discussion within Discord!

  • One-click-verification.
  • Automatically assign roles.
  • Assign tiered roles for layered NFT membership.

To learn more about the Verification bot and pricing go here.

Sales & Listings

Nearify Labs provides automated bots for Twitter & Discord. Making it easy to manage and promote your NFT project.

  • Send a custom tweet with every sale and listing.
  • Received customised alerts in your project Discord.
  • Keep your community snipers alert & informed.

For full features & pricing click here.

Rarity Ranking

NEARNinjaz discord provides the most advanced rarity tools on the market for free!

  • FREE setup for project collections.
  • Track trait specific rarities and full collection stats.
  • Get alerts for 5min sweeping, minting and listing activities.

For full features & pricing click here.

Check out our NEARNinjaz Discord and see the tools for yourselves.

Anti-Bot System

Keep your community protected and secure with our smart anti-bot system!

  • Secure system which automatically detects bots.
  • 24/7 server moderation and auditing to maintain round the clock security.
  • Automatically bans and kicks bots once detected in your project server.
  • For full features & pricing click here.

Whitelisting Bot

Our bot will collect the wallet address, user ID and user roles from Discord. Make whitelisting easy again!

  • Easy address submission.
  • Allow users to check & edit their submitted wallet.
  • Collect all submitted addresses into a csv file with one click.
  • For full features & pricing click here.

Custom Token Price

Monitor token price movements and receive alerts with customised settings!

  • Easily track a token's price!
  • Monitor market activity 24/7!
  • Instant updates delivered to your Discord server.
  • For full features & pricing click here.


Still not sure what services we offer? Let us give you a brief summary on how we can elevate your community and project then!

We offer a variety of services, which are aimed at aiding and elevating your project!

Multiple Blockchain Support

NEAR, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Tezos! Whatever your blockchain requirements we can deliver!

A lifetime guarantee of support for our members​

Our clients always come first! As part of our community, we will always be there to support you!

Efficient & Reliable

Experience near instant API calling across listed marketplaces!​

Professional Server Moderation!

Our hand-picked community moderators are experienced and proven professionals.

Community Security Assured!

Our combined technical backgrounds ensure a multi-layered system keeping your servers safe 24/7!

High Quality Security Bots!

Through constant monitoring our systems will detect malicious raids and spam, keeping your server clean!

Near Minting Site (Coming Soon)

We are building our own platform to assure a safe, smooth and fair minting experience for your project!

Near NFT minting contract (Coming Soon)

Behind the scenes, our team have been mastering the art of smart contracts to deliver you a seamless minting contract experience!

Near Token Minting Contract (Coming Soon)

If your project is more focused on tokens rather than NFTs we will have that covered soon as well!

NEAR NFT Staking Contract (Coming Soon)

And that’s not all! We are also working a staking mechanism into our smart contacts!


Have a look at some of the clients we have worked with before!



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Member Ops Manager

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